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Thin Lizzy Emerald - 1976 - from album Jailbreak

Emerald is a song by Thin Lizzy from their 1976 album Jailbreak. It is inspired by traditional Irish music and utilizes a 6/8 rhythm. The guitar riff uses an "Irish" melody with its use of triplets.

Did You Know

  • Celtic Influence: "Emerald" is known for its strong Celtic influence, which is characteristic of Thin Lizzy's sound. The band often incorporated Irish folk elements into their hard rock and metal music. The lyrics of "Emerald" reference Irish history and mythology, paying homage to the band's Irish heritage. The song's title itself is a nod to Ireland's nickname, the "Emerald Isle," due to its lush green landscapes.
    “The Emerald Isle” is synonymous with Ireland

  • Twin Guitar Harmonies: One of the defining features of Thin Lizzy's sound is their use of twin guitar harmonies, pioneered by the band's lead guitarist Scott Gorham and the late Gary Moore. "Emerald" is no exception, featuring intricate and melodic guitar harmonies that contribute to the song's distinctive sound. The dual guitar solos and harmonies are an integral part of the song's arrangement, showcasing the band's musical craftsmanship.

  • Live Performances: "Emerald" became a staple of Thin Lizzy's live performances and remains a fan favorite to this day. The song's energetic and anthemic nature made it well-suited for live shows, and it often featured as an encore or closing number. The band's charismatic frontman, Phil Lynott, would engage with the audience during performances, further enhancing the song's impact. The live rendition of "Emerald" captured the band's dynamic stage presence and contributed to their reputation as a captivating live act.

These facts highlight the cultural and musical significance of "Emerald" within Thin Lizzy's discography and its role in solidifying the band's legacy in the rock and metal genres.


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Down from the glen came the marching menWith their shields and their swordsTo fight the fight they believed to be rightOverthrow the overlords

To the towns where there was plentyThey brought plunder, swords and flameWhen they left, the town was emptyAnd children would never play again

From their graves I heard the fallenAbove the battle cryBy that bridge near the borderThere were many more to die

Then onward over the mountainAnd outward towards the seaThey had come to claim the EmeraldWithout it, they could not leave

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